ZenHosting.com.au Website & Domain Review

ZenHosting.com.au REVIEWED

About ZenHosting.com.au Customer Service It is second to none! You can even view an open letter from the CEO, Wahid. ZenHosting.com.au has been serving the UAE population since 2009 and as such has a good customer base. They really are considered experts in their field. The combination of decade’s worth of experience allows for their rock solid support if ever needed. ZenHosting.com.au are .ae domain specialists. From 2009, ZenHosting.com.au were accredited by the TRA (Telecommunications Regulations Authority). ZenHosting.com.au were the first to do so, thus making them experts in the domain registration field. Hassle free ordering. No longer do you have to suffer other hosting companies from offering ridiculous upselling. Their hosting is top notch, lightning fast and reliable. Something I was extremely impressed with. To conclude, they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Take the hassle out of your website, use ZenHosting.com.au.
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